It all started when…

After Mirjam de Bruijn (left) found out that most of our liquid household products contain about 80% of water, she decided it was time for a change. It can’t be true that anno 2019 we’re still transporting and packing water while we (in the Western world) all have access to clean water at home. That’s why she devoted her graduation project at the Design Academy Eindhoven to the concept ‘Twenty’. Soon after her graduation she met Ilse Kwaaitaal (right), who has a lot of experience in guiding social start ups through different phases, and who was looking for a way to cut out water from shampoos. By the end of the year they joined forces in order to get Twenty from a concept and design into a real working product.

They decided to start with the development of a shampoo because they believe that shampoo is the most universally used product, and therefore has the ability to create the biggest impact. For the development they teamed up with a specialized team of Wageningen University. They have the aim to finish the research by the summer of 2019.